Roof vents

All about van roof vents

The roof vent is much more than an accessory, it becomes essential when you fit out a truck for leisure, transport animals or store chemicals inside your van.

You will find in this article all you need to know about van roof vent and Rv vent.

What is a van roof vents ?

A roof vent VAN is a simple device ! Vent fan uses wind energy from outside the vehicle to draw air from inside a vehicle to improve ventilation. Mounted on the roof of a van, the ventilator requires no wiring or power supply. Ventilators are easy to install and can last for years with few moving parts. The vent can circulate air when the vehicle is in motion or when it is stationary.

What are van roof vents for?


  • First, the ventilation fans are used to extract smoke or stale air from trucks (for driver and passenger comfort, as well as health and safety reasons). This is particularly suitable for trucks carrying chemicals.
  • Secondly, the vent fans are used to minimize condensation in the truck. This is particularly suitable when the vehicle is often stationary.


In this case, installing a fan can greatly reduce damage to the equipment and the interior of the vehicle due to the growth of standing water and mold and rust.


  • The exhaust fans are very useful to reduce the temperature inside the car in the summer.
  • The air-vent allows to improve operator comfort and protect equipment or perishables which can lead to bad odors. (The internal temperature of an unventilated truck during the day can reach 100°F in the sun even in temperate regions in the summer, and even more when the truck is stationary).

What is the difference between a van roof vent and a home vent? 

The operation is the same, although there are some differences and peculiarities, click here to discover our home roof ventilators.

Why do I need a house fan ? 

Due to the temperature difference, condense accumulates in the space under the roofs. The water penetrates the insulation and the qualities of ceiling insulation its deteriorate. The more humidity there is under the roof, the less it maintains the temperature.

Most often, the rafter system is assembled from wood, which tends to rot with constant contact with moisture. Moldy rafters collapse, threatening to collapse.

Water build up in a soft roof mat causes the coating to peel. The roof-top begins to leak. And only the foundation vent of the roof will help prevent all the problems in order to avoid a retrofit.

Advantages of ventilated roof homes:

  • The space under the roof is blown with fresh outside air 
  • Optimal temperature and humidity in the attic access are maintained
  • The properties of the insulation material are preserved
  • The roof materials and supporting structures are protected from mold, mildew and sagging.
  • The right roofing materials help prevent leakage

Poor roof ventilation in a private home causes :

  • Wetting of the rafter structure, rotting, deterioration of load-bearing properties
  • Deformation or rusting of the roofing material
  • Destruction of stone and concrete parts
  • A decrease in the thermal insulation qualities of the roof fan, which means an increase in the heating cost of the house
  • Overheating of the house and roof during the hot season
  • The air conditioner is not the ideal solution to replace ceiling vent
  • In this regard, it is worth mentioning the importance of ventilation in the mansard roof, where the space under the roof is residential

There are several mechanisms for providing roof ventilation in a private home if you are a homeowner :

  • Ridge ventilation on a gable roof.
  • Cornice ventilation.
  • Roof ventilators.
  • One-piece elements with ventilation holes.
  • Skids of special design.
  • Ventilation holes, which are provided during the installation of the roof.
  • Dormers in the attic vents.

Who are we to inform you about van roof vents ?

For more than 60 years we have been providing ventilation for vehicles (including trailers), shelters, industries and houses, from domestic use, camper vans, motorhomes and even caravans to the most sophisticated recent systems.

Since 2010 our fans are increasingly used for commercial vans.

Where can I order a roof vent for my vehicle ?

We have been experts in ventilation for over 60 years. Founded in 1954, Ava-matic is a family owned and operated business with extensive experience in ventilation and air circulation systems. If you would like to talk to us about custom ventilation projects, click here.

Our warranties when ordering a roof vent?

  • fast and international deliveries
  • Over 60 years of experience
  • Tailor-made projects
  • Accompaniment and follow-up for each project by a professional

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