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All about van ventilation

What is the purpose of van ventilation ?

The van fan helps to renew the stale air in your van: it removes smoke, reduces excessive heat (which creates bad odors) and condensation. It is an insulation of your vehicle.
The van vent is a simple device; it uses wind energy from outside the vehicle to draw air from inside a vehicle to improve ventilation. Mounted on the roof of a van, its fixture is simple, it requires no wiring or power supply. Unlike the house fans, van fans are much easier to install.
It is easy to install and can last for years with few moving parts. The van vent can circulate air when the vehicle is in motion or when it is stationary.
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ventilation for van

The importance of a ventilation system in a van

Ventilation is very important in a van. It has two essential roles: to evacuate « contaminated » air and to bring in « new » air (Fresh-air)
This ventilation is essential for safety, because if the air is not renewed, the concentration of CO2 will gradually increase and may reach dangerous levels.

The different types of ventilation for vans ?


The rotary aerator for vans :


the rotary aerator has no motor, it is driven by the movement of the air while the van is in motion. the aerator works without electricity and ensures better durability, as it has no electronic equipment.

van ventilation

The static aerator for vans :


These vents are small, very quiet and have good air circulation.

It can be used on all types of commercial vehicles, but also on vans, caravans and trucks.

static aerator with « venturi » technology :

The static roof vent with Venturi technology offers outstanding air renewal performance. This physical principle of flow compression allows for an acceleration of the air flow from the outside to the inside of your vehicle, allowing your vent to function even when your vehicle is at a complete stop!

These aerators can be used to reduce the humidity level of the space concerned, and protect your equipment from corrosion, mildew or rust, but also to renew the oxygen in your space for the transport of livestock and pets.


The electric aerator for vans :

The electric aerators for vans are intended for private individuals and professionals, drivers of commercial vehicles, trucks, vans and caravans.

The electric aerators are the most powerful on the market, they are recommended for the transport of refrigerated goods or goods that can emit certain dangerous gases.

The main advantage of electric aerators is that their power is adjustable and allows you to control the air renewal flow in the space concerned.

Increase the power of your aerator to remove hot or humid gases more quickly, and reduce the power of your electrical equipment to modulate its extraction volume.


Solar fan for vans :

The solar powered aerator is a solar powered aerator with no electrical components except for a battery back-up for night-time operation. Compatible with motorhomes, commercial vehicles and boats, this aerator is the ideal way to combat humidity using renewable energy.



House fan : 

Ava-matic started by manufacturing shelter aerators and then diversified into van aerators. However, we still supply home ventilation.

Solar van
AVA matic roof vents

 Who we are to tell you about van ventilation :

 Ava-Matic has been a supplier of ventilation and air circulation systems for over 60 years.

 For over 60 years we have been providing ventilation for vehicles (including trailers), shelters, industries and houses, from domestic use, motorhomes and even caravans to the latest and most sophisticated systems.

If you would like to know more about the company’s history, click here.