About Us

Since our foundation in 1954, AVA has been associated with innovation, excellent service and the highest quality products for vehicles of all types

The beginning

Created in 1954 by Bjørn Andersen , the ANDERSEN VENTILASJON  AERODYNAMISK workshop started by creating ventilation system for shelter , specially for military and oil extraction use.



The cold war was an extraordinary challenge for AVA who build lots of ventilation system for nuclear bomb shelter all over western Europe and USA

highest quality material

Over three decades AVA has built over 15000 underground shelters ventilation systems using the highest quality material and know how before any regulation or standard such as  NBC tech.

1960 : AVA-45X6


In 1960  AVA start  a new patented  system of ventilation for shelter , the first sustainable system powered by reborn rubber belt ,

Very sturdy and efficient this system has become the standard in all the shelter ventilation system in the 60-70 decade

AVA-45X6  was in use until 1975 , it inspire the shape of all modern duct vent  and exhaust extractor vent blades

1972 : AVA-BX4


In 1972  AVA started to produce ventilation systeme for vehicule,   AVA-BX4   was the first  blowing / succion  ventilator to be use on the national railway company of finland  and then widely use in other European countries. With its revolutionary system , this waterproof electric ventilator was used in trucks, bus, coaches , boats and machines cabin.

The waterproof system and the durability are still the trademark of the vehicules vent of AVA


industrial ventilation


In the 1980 and the continuously decrease of the shelter’s need the company switches to  a modern range of industrial ventilation

We do not do standard equipment for shelter as before, we only focus now on industrial ventilators, but

If you see the little AVA logo on your shelter filtration system , that’s a bingo, we have all the spare part to maintain and upgrade our old systems

If you find some system from another company you can still send us a message we have plenty of adaptable parts that could works.


Since 2010 the company is also focus on mobile structure ventilation such as trucks and civilian work shelter


In 2014 on its 60th anniversary the company offer a large range of ventilation solution and keep supplying spart part and technical help to maintain old shelter ventilation system up to date.

New logo, new visual identity, new website

New logo for AVA-MATIC !
At the beginning of April 2020 AVA-MATIC launched its new website, the opportunity to give a new youth to its visual identity.
The new visual identity of AVA-MATIC is a « new look » of the previous graphic charter which has lived its time.

Logo AVA-MATIC 1970

van ventilation ava matic logo

Logo AVA-MATIC 2014

This new visual identity is a necessary evolution of AVA-MATIC’s image, in order to better correspond to today’s industry. Without drawing a line on the past, by taking advantage of the experience of the existing, this new graphic combines seriousness and sobriety, while being resolutely registered in the modernity. A new logo, pure and effective, which testifies to the commitment and action, two fundamental characteristics of AVA-MATIC.
This new visual identity is already applied to all communication tools, products of AVA-MATIC since 2014, first of all our new website which is much more sober and functional.