The different types of partners and customers of AVA-MATIC

AVA MATIC, founded in 1954, is a family business and a successful company with considerable experience in the field of ventilation and air circulation systems.
AVA MATIC delivers its products and ventilation solutions to the following customers :
– Bus and coach manufacturers
– Body builders
– Industrials
– Roofers
– Building industry
– Installers of on-board equipment in vehicles
– Manufacturers of cattle trucks / horse boxes / animal transport
– Ambulance/fire and police vehicle manufacturers
– Boat builders
– Manufacturers of motorhomes and caravans
AVA MATIC goal is to provide a complete product with its knowledge and experience.
A complete product program. We also strive to continuously
develop and manufacture new product ideas and solutions.
It is also possible to develop ventilation systems exclusively for, or in cooperation 
with customers, ventilation systems can be developed exclusively for specific requirements,
using the customer’s ideas or specifications, as well as our own experience, research and development.
Due to the high quality of our products, the speed of our deliveries and our support services, we are appreciated by our customers all over the world.