How does ventilation work in a vehicle ?

The roof fan for vans removes unpleasant odours, moisture and gases or vapours to the outside and ensures a healthy climate with a powerful supply of fresh air. The wind-driven fan has a protective grille on the inside that can be closed if necessary.

The different types of vents:



Rotary roof ventilation



        Rotating + bonding outlet



Roof fan push-pull effect

The advantages of ava matic aerators :

SUSTAINABLE: Most of our aerators are wind driven. This means they do not require electricity and are also 100% recyclable.
EASY TO INSTALL: Ava-Matic roof ventilators can be installed on your van in no time at all in just 3 steps.
ROBUST: Because the fan, which is made of robust plastic, uses no rotating parts, it is also less vulnerable. Shock-proof, quiet and car wash friendly!
NO DISTRIBUTION: Due to the geometry of the roof fan, no floor opening is required unlike conventional models.
SOLID DESIGN: The push and pull forces are not created by rotating parts, but come together in one design. It fits under a roof rack as well as in vehicles with a roof lining. The ventilation force is adjustable.
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