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Dozen of shelter that could be re-used

There are abandoned shelters everywhere in Eastern Europe, many of which have AVA filtration systems. The walls must be there, doors and locks may work, but please note that without a modern NBC filtered ventilation system, any shelter is useless Unfortunately, we live in a world full of conflicts. In order to ensure that our friends, family and loved ones are protected, it is important that we face reality and prepare for our safety when the unthinkable happens. Have you inherited an abandoned shelter and worry about your family in case of a nuclear, biological or chemical (NBC) attack? If you are ready to take the next step to develop a protection plan, consider updating it to ensure protection for your family in the event of a catastrophic event.


What is the NBC air filtration system?

Although your old shelter will surely protect you from explosions or invasions, you need to make sure that radiation or other aerial agents cannot penetrate into your shelter. After all, if you and your family end up inhaling only toxic dust, what good is the shelter? In addition, if the internal elements rot or degrade, the old ventilation system may be as toxic as the worst sediment This is where the NBC air filtration system comes into play. These systems ensure that the air pressure inside the shelter is higher than the air pressure outside the shelter. They blow out the air to keep toxic substances in the air away, and in case something happens, you and your family can breathe comfortably. At AVA, we encourage you to update the NBC air filtration system as the basic function of the air raid shelter.



What we can do for you ?


We do not do standard equipment for shelter as before, we only focus now on industrial ventilators, but

If you see the little AVA logo on your shelter filtration system , that’s a bingo, we have all the spare part to maintain and upgrade our old systems

If you find some system from another company you can still send us a message we have plenty of adaptable parts that could works.